Harvard’s School of Public Health comment on butter


I love this article by Harvard’s School of Public Health entitled “Is butter really back?” for a number of reasons. Here are some of them: It highlights the need to read. It highlights the need to read intelligently. It highlights the need to read media reports critically. It highlights that doing these things will make […]

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drink up, but drink smart


Physical exercise can elicit high sweat rates and substantial water and electrolyte losses that compromise exercise performance. In general, we consume food and fluid during exercise to provide energy, delay fatigue, prevent or delay dehydration, replace electrolytes and minimize gastrointestinal distress. But how much fluid to rehydrate with during exercise? Significant differences in sweat rates […]

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forget the milk. drink bourbon.


So here’s a real scenario. A pretty healthy guy accustomed to bringing a packed lunch (always consisting of plenty of vegetables with some combination of eggs, nuts, beans, quinoa or other grain, all in salad or leftover dinner form) goes for lunch with the rest of his coworkers. He goes to be social, eating his […]

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eat well for life: in honor of my Great Uncle


Life is fleeting. My Great Uncle Chris passed away on April 17, 2014. A businessman and owner with the uncanny ability to let things roll off him like beads of water on a leaf, he made everyone who walked through his doors feel important and liked (probably because he was genuine about it). He was […]

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