Sweet and Sours!

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I still remember the enjoyment of those bad “Chinese” restaurants that really didn’t serve Chinese food but we thought they did. I loved (inexplicably) that sickly sweet red sauce with pineapple chunks to accompany a few bits of deep-fried chicken or pork. Things have obviously evolved since then and sweet and sour sauces have moved […]

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PepsiCo is not happy with me

In response to my recent article “Eat Healthy on the Trail” (Part 2 of that article can be found here), I received an email from a member of PepsiCo’s Public Relations/Communications team for Gatorade. The letter is replicated in its entirety below. As I’m sure you are all aware, PepsiCo is the parent company of […]

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Dude. Do you really need that protein shake?


Over the past few months in particular, the matter of protein shakes has come up more often than usual in nutrition-focused discussions with clients, friends and acquaintances. No longer limited to hard bodies and muscleheads (terms I use with pure and unadulterated affection), protein shakes – either the pre-mixed and readily available ones like Muscle […]

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Congress Passes 2014 Farm Bill

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (“PCRM”) has reported on the 2014 Farm Bill passed by Congress last night (it was supposed to be the 2012 Farm Bill but no one got to it until 2014). Since there are so few victories in efforts to align public policy with what is really good for our […]

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